Tuesday, 12 July 2011

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Today Mr. Soo shared another his secret recipe, the most easiest way to bake the Apple Cinnamon Cake with AMC Cookware, one of the world smallest & efficient oven, Atmosfera 4000.

AMC Cookware & equipment used are as follows :

AMC Cookware 20cm Unit Shallow 2.3L
AMC Atmosfera 4000

Step 1- Ingredients:
  1. Butter x 1/2 or 125g
  2. Eggs x 3
  3. Brown sugar x 1/2 bowl
  4. Self raising flour x 1 full bowl
  5. Apple x 1
  6. Cinnamon powder x 1/2 tea spoon 
Apple & Cinnamon powder                                 Self raising flour  

Step 2- Mix all the ingredients with the following steps...

Mixed eggs & flour

Follow by apple & cinnamon powder

Step 3- Pour the mixed ingredients into the AMC Cookware...

Apply some butter at the bottom of AMC cookware

AMC cooking class

Step 4 - Place the AMC Cookware on the AMC Atmosfera 4000, set the heat to 4 with big ring, Once the Visiotherm green indicator reached 9 o'clock (1st red) with beep sound

AMC Cookware-World smallest Oven

Point the Audioterm to 9 o'clock on Visioterm

Step 5 -  Turn over the AMC Atmosfera 4000 & place it on top the AMC Cookware & set the heat to 4 with big ring again for 10 minutes. (Picture below)

Place Aemosfera on top the AMC Cookware (World smallest oven)
Apple Cinnamon cake are ready within minutes.

Very delicious & tasty home made Apple Cinnamon cake, 
baked with AMC Cookware & AMC Atmosfera 4000.

Click the video to see how to use the AMC Atmosfera 4000

With AMC Atmosfera 4000
Now Everyone Can Bake
Mr. Soo alway said,
with AMC, everything "Is Soo Easy"

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